Nick Oliver – Principal – HCOV Global (HolcombeCoughlinOliverValenta)

A colleague referred me to Rhett when I was starting out on global roaming 6 years ago thanks to my new job as a geology consultant. I wondered how it was going to work with me being in Townsville and Rhett being in Perth. That makes no difference, I would use Rhett if I was based in Los Angeles or Santiago or Ulaanbaatar.

I have been consistently surprised by his attention to detail, his flexibility, his availability, and his creativity, things you might expect of a top-shelf businessperson or an artist, for example if I throw options at him from TripAdvisor, or SeatGuru, he works out what to do, fast. I’m not so well organised, but I can recognise value for money – Rhett has come up with money-saving solutions for me again and again.

And he deals with the panic factor really well – a colleague of mine (who I referred to Rhett) was pleasantly surprised by Rhett’s plan to get him out of Russia after a nasty visa problem surfaced; likewise Rhett has come up with solutions when I’ve missed a flight due to bushfire threatening my home, when I left my passport behind at the start of a long trip, and when I was caught in Argentina with my beloved and a delayed flight home due to floods affecting the domestic terminal in Buenos Aires. These are things that you’d normally give up on and hope your travel insurance covers it.

For anyone travelling on both conventional and extraordinary itineraries, I recommend Rhett Martini to you without reservation; oh, that sounds odd for a recommendation for a travel agent, but you know what I mean.

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